A friend knows the real you and loves you anyway. You can always count on a friend for moral support, honest opinions, reality checks, and encouragement. Friends don't bail on you when the going gets tough, they stand beside you and help you weather the storm. Friends let you cry when you're sad, vent when you're angry, act the fool when you just want to be silly and never let your circumstances, illnesses, or lapses in judgment define you as a person.They never give up on you, even when everybody else has. A friend never abandons you or leaves you to fend for yourself, no matter what. They focus on the good in you, the positive things, the potential, the person that they know is inside of you and filter out everything else that gets in the way of the person you really are. A friend nurtures your hopes and dreams, shares in your happiness as well as your sorrow and genuinely cares about your well-being in every possible circumstance. A friend sees you with their heart. They see what nobody else will. They make you feel worth knowing.

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