One meal the rest of my life? It's hard to eat healthy on $23 a month; for most people, they would probably just go the mac 'n cheese route. Since I have to watch my sodium like a hawk, I can't just go the the dollar store and buy twenty-three one-dollar items and call it a day. If I had to choose one thing, and had the money to do it, it would be pizza. There are tons of different kinds of pizza, including breakfast and dessert varieties. At least I would be able to vary my diet more than I do now. Extra-thin and crispy crust, and as healthy as I could make it and still taste good. That's the way that I would go. I know they want me to name one specific food, like spaghetti, for example. But I can't narrow my mind to that extent. There are tons of different ways to serve spaghetti, with different sauces and such. Meatloaf? You don't have to just use ground beef and/or pork anymore, and there's so many things you can add to it. I used to really enjoy cooking when there were people around to cook for, but since my mom got sick, I've lost my enthusiasm for just about everything. I'm about to lose everything in my life; my mom, our home of nearly forty years along with our lifetime of possessions…nothing tastes good anymore…I've lost forty pounds. Did I need to lose it? Yes, but I wouldn't recommend this diet to anyone. 😥

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