There's a lesser? Okay, here's the problem with this. There are some people who actually can't help their bad breath or body odor due to disease. They could brush and floss until their gums are raw or shower with every type of soap under the sun and apply twenty different types of deodorant and still smell.That aside, if I must pick one, I consider the lesser of the two bad breath. Consider this, maybe they had onions or garlic for lunch. Maybe they ran out of toothpaste just for that morning. There are a lot of reasons for people you run into to have bad breath that can't be helped. Even if someone runs out of deodorant, there is always soap and water available for most people to wash with throughout the day to at least tone it down. You can't get away from body odor no matter how hard you try. I went on a bus trip earlier this year with a bunch of other people, and the man that sat in front of me absolutely reeked. Even with the window open, it was still suffocating. He had a cane, but he seemed to move well enough that he could manage a shower or to launder his clothes. If someone has bad breath, you have to be having a conversation with them or be close enough for them to breathe on you for it to really be offensive. That you can at least move away from. Body odor permeates the air. I actually used to work with a guy that had this issue. After receiving a lot of customer complaints about him, the manager finally had to tell him to take care of it. Our manager said, "We have an entire Health and Beauty section with soap and deodorant and inexpensive shirts he could change into, and he doesn't even think to go and take care of it." I myself have always been a heavy girl, but I have never in my life smelled like one. I believe in soap and water. I believe in deodorant. I believe in brushing and flossing my teeth. I have no problem keeping myself and my clothes clean. I would never, ever want to smell like that. The people that have no excuse for it are the ones that really make me angry.

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