If my life were in a different place where I had the luxury of being bored, I would read, or take pictures, or write. I have a very vivid, childlike imagination under normal circumstances, so I would probably come up with some stories to write about. Or I would take my camera, go outside and spend the day getting lots of creative and interesting shots. Or, I would grab my favorite book and lose myself in an alternate reality that could whisk me away from all of this, at least until I turn the last page. That's what I would do, but what I would like to do…ring somebody's doorbell and run away. Make very tame crank calls, like my brother and his friends used to. They went through the phone book and found people with unusual last names (we were kids, mind you). I remember this particular call to a man named Mr. Orange: "Hello is Mr. Apple there? No, but Mr. Orange is. Oh sorry, I've got the wrong fruit." Mr. Orange actually got a kick out of it and laughed. Take all of the lobsters out of the tank at the restaurant and set them free. Make a snow angel when there's no snow on the ground and tell everyone I'm doing horizontal jumping jacks. Run up and down the driveway screaming "The British are coming!" Hide on the roof behind the chimney and launch water balloons at unsuspecting people. Dress up like a banana and run through a crowd yelling that I'm happy to see myself. Go to a store and ask an employee to show me the invisible tape then pretend that I can't see it…it's probably a very good thing that I know how to behave (for the most part) ;o)

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