I have always been very intimidated by celebrities. For one thing, they have so much security around them, even if someone has absolutely no interest in being anywhere near them, their bodyguards treat them like Manson himself just for being in the general vicinity. I hate it when everyone is treated like a security risk or a monster just for sharing the same pavement with them. A lot of them also treat their fans with such disdain it makes me sick. They may not have asked for the fame, but it comes with the fortune, and these people helped to elevate their stature and pay their salary whether the celebrities asked for their help or not. I happen to be a huge fan of Dragonball Z (it's an anime). I recently wrote to my favorite voice actor. His name is Christopher Sabat, and he voices several characters for the show, Vegeta in particular. I was supposed to send something for him to sign, but I didn't have anything, and I told him that it was okay if I couldn't have his autograph because of it. I was also expecting to wait three to three and a half months for a response, if any (per his fanmail instructions). Imagine my surprise and delight when I received an autographed picture that said: Rebecca, best handwriting ever! See ya soon! Christopher Robin Sabat. I got it on my birthday (November 5th), and I had only waited a week and a half! For him to get back to me so quickly, let alone at all, and with an autographed picture besides is a selfless gesture that I truly appreciated. Not many people in the business would have done that. I wish I could get to the Ohayocon convention in January in Columbus, Ohio to see him. He's going to be roasted by family and friends, and I would be beyond thrilled to be there for that. His kindness and thoughtfulness towards his fans makes him my favorite celebrity.

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