Alarm Clock 3

My biological clock is ticking. What am I, a bomb? So I'm not going to have my own kids, get over it! There are lots of women who never have kids! There's no ticking; no ticking! You don't hear the men going around saying that any of their body parts are ticking, why should ours? There's this person who can be totally obnoxious that I knew long ago. She was always pointing out to me that 'I wasn't getting any younger, you know' and other such unsolicited bits of wisdom. I managed to ignore her to the best of my ability until one day, she just pushed me too far. One day she said to me, just out of the blue mind you, 'Ooh, I believe I hear somebody's biological clock ticking'. I said, 'Ooh, I believe I hear somebody's sagging breasts flapping'. She never bothered me again.

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