My very favorite candy of all time is the Moritz Chocolate Ice Cube foil-wrapped squares from Germany. They are not that easy to find in my area anymore, but when I do find them I always have to get a couple. Milky Way Midnight Dark chocolate bar runs a close second, and it is much easier to find. I don't indulge in candy very often anymore, but when I do, these are the ones that top my list. When I was little, you could still stumble on the rare 'penny candy' store left from the era of way back when. In particular, a small store in a town we vacationed in every summer. My mom and dad would give my brother and I money, and we'd go a couple of doors down from where they were to this small country store. There was an entire rack of candy, and we would each get one small brown paper sack and choose, choose, choose! On our way to my grandma's house, my parents would stop at our friends farm, and we'd share the candy with their seven kids. This was back when things were still relatively innocent for us kids; it is a bittersweet memory to be sure.

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