For the Halloween tradition in general, you have to follow this link: For the Halloween tradition in my family, it originated with my parents dressing up my brother and I and taking us trick or treating. Then of course, there were the neighborhood parties for the kids and the parties at school as well. We are now going off on a tangent, as this subject has been a thorn in my side for awhile. This was back in the days when the moms were allowed to send cupcakes and cookies and such with their kids. Now the moms have to send carrot sticks and fruit and such with their kids. Instead of punch or soda, the kids now drink low-fat milk or water. I know it's much healthier, but I thank goodness that I grew up in the era that I did. If they had left the cookies, candies, cakes, sweets and sodas just for the parties at school or for special occasions only and not had them available every blessed day of the week, I seriously doubt that they would be contributing as much to childhood obesity (or obesity in general) as they do. Make them the occasional treat they are intended to be and let the kids have their parties back, for heaven's sakes. Give them most of their stuff in a bag to take home and hand it to them as they leave school for the day so that you don't have them bouncing off the walls. Sugar free treats can easily be provided for those who cannot have it, and peanut free treats are enjoyed by most everyone so that bringing peanut or peanut butter treats to the party isn't even necessary. Indulging in this stuff to excess is what's causing the problem not the sweets themselves. "You are invited to my Halloween Party. There will be nut-free, non caramel apples on a stick. In lieu of chips and dip, there will be assorted raw vegetables and plain low-fat yogurt. There will be fresh fruit instead of candy, and sparkling water instead of punch. Can't wait to see you there!" or "You are invited to my Halloween Party. There will be nut-free caramel apples on a stick, popcorn balls, and rice krispy treats. There will be chips and dip. There will be cupcakes, candy and punch. Can't wait to see you there!" Seriously. Even if there are a lot of different celebrations in a year, they only come once a year. Make their eating habits healthier in between the celebrations not at the celebrations themselves. 'Whew'! I've been wanting to get that off of my chest for awhile. I feel much better. I'm going to go eat my carrot sticks now.

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