Playing with Innocence

I would change my family. Had their lives not revolved around alcohol, things would have been so different for us. My dad, mom and brother all liked to party. They drank excessively. They smoked a lot. My brother got involved with drugs. My dad died of liver disease two years ago. My mom has COPD and cirrhosis of the liver. My brother has dangerously high blood pressure (he's as thin as a rail) and cirrhosis of the liver. I've always been heavy, but I have managed to lose weight, especially now that my mother is so sick (I don't have the desire to eat much of anything anymore; what's the point of cooking when it's just you?). I have an eighty year old neighbor who is still active. She drives, gets around without a cane or a walker, is sharp as a tack and still living life to the fullest. My mom is trapped in a nursing home, too sick to go on outings and suffering the ultimate consequences of her indulgences. She's so full of life but unable to live it. Things could have been so different for all of us. It's a crying shame.

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