What would I do with a million dollars? Finally, a prompt I can sink my teeth into. First and foremost, I would pay off my mom's home equity loan, medical bills and the lien on her house and move her to a top of the line, high quality nursing home where she would have the best of care like she deserves. I would clean out her house and have it rebuilt, then sell it and put the money in an account for her care. I would make sure that she had everything she ever wanted until the day she leaves this earth. I would finally get to bury my dad's ashes in the cemetery he requested and have him honored as a veteran, which is his right. I would do what I could to help my brother with his alcohol/drug addiction (if he would let me help him, that is) so that he could have a shot at having a better life. Once I had all of them taken care of, it would be my turn. I would have my teeth fixed so that I could finally smile without shame. I would take my dream trip to Scotland, and do a lot of other traveling as well. I would buy a top of the line SLR digital camera with all the accessories and take amazing, marketable pictures with it. I would finally have a car. I would have an energy efficient house built to my specifications and lots of land so that all I would see when I look out my windows is glorious, beautiful nature. I would also make sure that I set plenty of it aside to plan for my future, so that no matter what happens in my life, I will be financially ready for it. That, my friends, is what I would do with a million dollars: take care of my loved ones and finally live a better life.

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