Lean chocolate sauce in the making

It's a tie between chocolate bread and the 'Smith' sandwich (the last name has been changed so as not to offend them by calling their creation weird). The first dish was served to me by a family from the south. Everything was going great at dinner, until they asked me if I wanted some chocolate bread. Being a Midwesterner, I assumed it would be like a snack cake or something. They took my plate, slapped a piece of plain white bread on it and smothered it in homemade chocolate sauce. Now, I'm all for trying new things (within bounds of reason of course, you're never going to see me on fear factor) but… They stuck the ladle in the sauce. A thick layer of skin had formed over the top of it, and when they dumped it onto the bread it glopped out of the ladle in the most unappetizing way. It was then smeared upon the bread for maximum coverage and placed in front of me. All eyes were on me when I took my first bite, and there were a lot of eyes (seven pairs of eyes, to be exact). The sauce had the consistency and flavor of road tar. I gave the performance of my life when I assured them that it was delicious as I choked down every last bite. My friend was delighted, saying that I would make a good Southerner because I loved chocolate bread. The second greatest performance of my life was when I convinced them that I was much too full to enjoy another piece. The 'Smith' sandwich is a hot sandwich with a strange combination of ingredients. I actually like the taste of this one, and still make it once in a blue moon. A food grinder was clamped to the kitchen table. Slices of deli ham, American cheese and green olives were ground up alternately into a bowl. An undiluted can of condensed tomato soup was mixed in. This mixture was spread on hamburger buns. The sandwiches were then wrapped in aluminum foil and placed in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15-20 minutes or so until they were heated through. I was pleasantly surprised by how good those flavors went together, but it is next to impossible to make them the same these days. The ham that was used came from the deli at Kmart, and they stopped carrying it years ago. I have no idea what brand it was, but it had a glaze, and I believe that made a huge difference in the overall flavor of the sandwich. It still tastes very good though.

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