Sweetheart by Frankie and the Knockouts

The tempo of the music and the lyrics of this song have always been appealing to me. It took me years to find out who sang this song, and now that I have, it is almost impossible to get on CD without paying a fortune for it. I hope to have it in my music collection someday. Just for the record (remember those?), this is a really tough question for me. Being the music lover that I am, there are literally hundreds of songs I will never get sick of. My dad used to be the drummer for the Carl Newcomber Combo so very long ago, so I was raised to have a very eclectic taste in music. It is a gift that I will cherish for a lifetime.

Fooled Around and Fell in Love by Elvin Bishop

I have always loved this song. I guess I'm partial to it because my brother and his friends used to play this song extremely well so long ago, and even won a talent contest at our school because of it. In this particular song though, it is the music that moves me more than the lyrics for some reason. It is still a huge favorite.

How Much I Feel by Ambrosia

Beautiful song. Love the music and the lyrics. This song gets under my skin and really moves me, it always has. Another song I have to throw in is One Of These Nights by the Eagles. It is also a huge favorite that I can never get enough of.

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