What part of life confuses me the most? How something so beautiful can be so terribly cruel… How quickly it murders innocence… How it drains every last ounce of humanity out of you until there is nothing left but an empty shell…and yet, gives you the will and the stamina to collect the fragments of what is left of you and gather them into some semblance of a whole…to fight with everything that is left in you to keep the essence of what's pure and good alive, refusing to surrender to the bitterness and hatred that has become your god-given right. Life is agony in the flesh; it is a sadistic master and yet, the reward is great for those who remain true to themselves no matter what. It is the strength of courage alone that keeps me crawling determinedly forward out from underneath the boot upon my back; I refuse to give up, and I will never give in. I am a beautiful person, and I will not let life beat that out of me no matter how brutal it gets. I love who I am; and that in itself is worth fighting for.

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