Eriks airconditioned road trip car

Since I'm such a photography buff and love to travel, I would probably like to take a historic route such as Route 66. My best friend Kasey and I actually took a weekend photography road trip last July all the way up to Lake Superior and back again. We had no itinerary of any kind, every stop was off the cuff and we were completely free to see whatever we wanted without any time constraints. It is the only way to travel, and it was glorious. My dream vacation (as I believe I've mentioned before) would be to travel to Scotland. I would love to take a road trip across that beautiful country; I can only imagine the pictures I would bring home from that wondrous place. Although I have favorite climates and certain places I would like to see more than others, I would be up for taking a road trip almost anywhere. It's exciting to meet new people and to observe how different the landscape can be from region to region; from mountains to deserts to farmland to big cities to wide open spaces, there is always something exciting to look forward to next. Just get in the car, toss the map to the back seat and go!

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