She's sound asleep on a Saturday morning when the phone rings. Darn telemarketers. She resists the impulse to hurl the handset into the wall like an annoying alarm clock. She gets precious little sleep these days with so much on her mind. Don't these people have anything better to do? Why can't they just leave her alone? She rubs her eyes and stumbles to the bathroom, then heads for the kitchen. Her eyes focus on the clock. Wow. Five consecutive hours of sleep. A new world record. She fixes herself a breakfast pastry and takes her morning pills, noting that the temperature is much cooler today than it has been in months. Fall is finally on it's way. After the long, hot summer she's had, nothing could make her any happier. She turns on her computer to check her e-mails and it crashes; she has to power off to restart it. She resists the impulse to hurl the computer into the wall simply because it annoys the living crap out of her on a regular basis, but it's fairly new, so she manages to reign in her fury. It's Labor Day weekend. She was so looking forward to hanging out with her best friend this Sunday, but something came up, and now she will be spending the entire weekend alone. She has too many days like these where she simply exists; sand running through the hourglass as life passes her by. She feels as if she is standing out in the freezing cold, her face pressed up against the window, watching other people live, laugh and love, but nobody ever invites her in to join them. Tears stream down her face. Those that see her, ignore her. The isolation is suffocating. She has been left to die. She switches off the computer and notices that the sun is shining. There is a whole world just outside her door, but she is no longer a part of it. The child inside of her cries out for reassurance, but there is nobody there to answer. She has been abandoned again, and her heart shatters from the loneliness. So this was it. Nobody was ever going to know her. She was never going to get the chance to truly matter to anybody. She had so much to offer. What a waste. She curls up in a ball on the sofa she calls her bed and cries herself back to sleep while people all around the city are preparing for the big holiday celebrations. They have someplace to be; people looking forward to seeing them. People who would miss them if they're gone. No one would be missing her as usual, and knowing this was more than she could bear.

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