My Sense of Humor
I love to laugh and to make other people laugh. Laughter is such a healing thing, and I’m sure I’m not the only person who needs all the laughter that I can get. I’m a smart alec for sure; sometimes people set themselves up so beautifully that I just can’t let it pass. Zinging things off the cuff is amazing fun. I don’t know what I would do without it.

My Strength of Character
I have endured some of the ugliest things that people can go through in a lifetime, and I refuse to let it destroy the good in me. I could easily take my pain out on others, but I fight to retain kindness and respect in my dealings with others.

My Childlike Innocence
It brings so much joy to life to experience things with the exuberant wonder that children have. I’ll still be jumping into piles of leaves when I’m old enough to break a hip.

My Imagination
My imagination is what kept me alive through all the years of abuse. My ability to use my imagination to animate anything from stuffed animals to my pets helps me to come up with some wonderful stories. It entertains my friends, leaves some people scratching their heads and makes my mother laugh. Who could ask for a better gift?

My Compassion
I care about what happens to people, even if I don’t know them well. I can’t stand to see anyone cry; I always want to comfort them. If I were a billionaire, I would do whatever I could to help anyone who needed it, not just the newsworthy ones.

My Love for Animals
Animals bring something out of me that no human ever could. I feel a fierce need to protect them; to do what I can to help them if it’s in my ability to do so. A dove hit my sliding glass doors the other day; I cradled it against my chest for a couple of minutes until it seemed a bit more alert. I held it away from me in my cupped hands, and when it finally took flight I felt as free as if I had flown away myself. No person has ever made me feel that way.

My Love of Music
Music adds so much to my life that I can’t imagine one day without it. Being able to feel the music the way that I do; it keeps me from numbing myself until I can’t feel anything at all. The rest of my family destroyed their lives with alcohol and drugs in their attempts to numb the pain. Give me the music, and let me feel everything all the way down to the bone. It keeps me strong.

My Loyalty
I am a good daughter to my mother, even though there were times when she betrayed me by allowing me to be abused. I have been told to walk away from her and let her suffer, but she has suffered enough as well. She is very sick now, and despite everything we have been through, deep down she is a beautiful person. I will not turn my back on her, even though I have a right to. She is my mother, I know she’s sorry, and I love her.

My Stubborness
It keeps me from being a doormat. Sometimes I can be too nice, at my expense. I finally grew a pair and got stubborn enough to say no to people when it really counts. They finally got the message that they couldn’t walk all over me anymore, and it keeps me from being manipulated into going against anything that I believe in. What’s right for the majority isn’t always right for me. I refuse to be a lemming.

My Creativity
I love coming up with different ideas in my everyday life for everything from cooking to philosophies. I like marching to a different drummer. It’s the only way to dance.

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