Raina took the fast track to the top of the corporate ladder, only to find the top rung missing. Never had anyone plummeted from the top quite as fast as she; she found herself hypothetically sprawled face first on the floor in front of her male counterparts once again. This really infuriated the woman, who had aced all of the same classes and won all of the same accolades, if not more, than they had. Today's meeting had been a monumental disaster, all thanks in part to that loudmouth Larry Bates, who always went out of his way to discredit her theories in the most damaging ways possible. One of these days, she swore she was going to pay that bastard back. She stormed through the front doors of the building and hailed a taxi. The first thing she was going to do when she got home was take a long, hot shower. Then she was going to curl up in bed with a pint of her favorite ice cream. It would give her much needed time to cool off and think, think about just what she was going to do to prove herself to those corporate clods, and soon.

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