Broken Flowers

Reality. I have gone to every agency under the sun to try to get help for my mom and I, but no one will help us. My mom's doctor put her in a nursing home due to her health. In order for her to come home, her house needs to be cleaned up and remodeled to be handicap accessible. If we lose this house, it will take away the only hope she has of ever coming home, and it will kill her. I will also be homeless, which I would not survive. I am doing the best I can to pay all of her bills and mine with my disability check, but I have been unable to make any loan payments. We are two months behind on her home equity loan for the first time in our lives. There can only be death for the both of us if we lose this house. I have shut down to the point where I hardly leave the house anymore, and all the things that used to give me joy mean nothing to me. I am not just losing my life, I am losing myself. My mom and I are both worth knowing; we are worth living. It kills me to know that nobody thinks we are worth helping. That's the reality, even though I don't want to believe it. That is what I am avoiding.

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