Sunset over the field

Okay, let's start with the location. I'm a cool weather girl. When summer comes around, I am the biggest crab alive dealing with the heat and humidity. Most people head South for the winter; I would love to head North for the summer. When it gets buggy and muggy, I long to be far enough North (short of the Arctic, mind you) to put a damper on the extremes of summer weather. Anyplace that fits that bill would be fine with me. The grounds…wow. My grandma Bennett had one of the best properties I have ever seen. It was deliciously rural; way back off the main highway at the end of a winding, sand and gravel driveway lined with bluffs and pines. We're talking acres of land here, surrounded by more bluffs and farm fields on all sides. Close enough to town to be convenient, yet far enough away that when all the lights were out at night you could see every star in the sky. I would lean back against the windshield of the family station wagon and just stare up at all those stars, listening to the sounds of crickets, frogs, night birds and the gentle breezes blowing through the fields of corn; drifting off to sleep amidst the scent of pine. Plenty of space for beautiful flowers to grow, wildlife to visit, and sweet, sweet privacy. Those are my ideal grounds. Now for the house. I would love to have an old-fashioned, farm style house (gee, I wonder why) but I want to design one that is more of a sprawling ranch than a multi-level dwelling. As I've gotten older, having all those stairs to deal with to access all of the rooms would not be a good thing. I do like the quirkiness in the designs of older homes though; the cubbyholes, the larders and such. I would like to incorporate some of those things into a modern living space. The kitchen would be huge (I love to cook, as long as I have the space), with a walk-in pantry for storage. My bathroom would have a walk-in shower and a huge claw-foot bathtub. There would be a library for sure, a laundry room, a living room, a dining room, a rec room with a pool table, ping pong and the like, at least one guest room and a huge master bedroom. The whole house would be an open design with maximum light and space and energy efficient. There would definitely be central air (if needed, depending on the climate I wind up in) with a clean air system. The house would have a wrap-around porch with a swing, latticework for flowers to climb on, and a beautiful patio in the backyard with a retractable awning. It would be nice to have a screen room as well for nicer weather; I've always liked gazebos too. Obviously, I would have to be a millionaire for a dream like this to come true. I guess that's why they call it a dream home. At least I will always have the memories of my grandma's farm, and how I once was a part of a dream come true.

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