Portugal Beja Sunshine

My best friend's name is Kasey. We have been friends for nearly sixteen years now. Kasey has always been here for me through thick and thin; she is the sister I never had. I haven't had a car for at least three years now, and she takes me where I need to go without complaint. We share a love of photography, and have taken road trips just to take pictures. Last year we went all the way up to Lake Superior and back again over the Fourth of July weekend. We know we can always count on each other for moral support, honest opinions and lots of laughter. There are far too many people in my life who have abandoned me as I struggle with depression and issues brought on by a lifetime of abuse. I have been judged and chastised for not 'taking charge of my life', for not flipping some magical switch to cure myself of this 'perceived illness' that is simply a case of mind over matter. Kasey is the only one who has stuck by me through the good days and the bad, who doesn't see me as less of a human being because of it, and who has never tried to make me believe that this illness is my fault because I 'refuse to rise above it'. She is one of the few people who ever stuck around long enough to discover that there is a whole, beautiful person that exists apart from my issues, and that I am well worth knowing. Thank you Kasey, for being a true friend to me in every sense of the word; for seeing me as I really am and loving me anyway.

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