At this point in time, absolutely not. With everything that's happening in my life at this moment, to be cut off from any contact with people would be disastrous. I have become more and more isolated due to circumstances I can't control, not having a car, and depression that is spiraling out of control. It is my only lifeline when the people I know are busy with their own lives and can't be around when I really need them, even if they want to be. If my mom weren't so sick, and we weren't about to lose our house and everything we own, if I weren't facing homelessness; if I were on my own with none of these things sucking the life out of me, I could definitely live without the internet for a month, but not now. In this situation, that kind of isolation would be deadly for me. Being online keeps my mind from dwelling on the inevitable, and from convincing myself that there is only one way out…

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