"I can't let you come back here and live Ethan, you know that I can't possibly do that." "Why not? I could help you with the bills, help you clean; we could even bring mom home from the nursing home and take care of her together." "No Ethan, we can't. Her doctor says that her health is such that she needs professionals who can give her round the clock care if she needs it. Neither you nor I are medical professionals. If she has any real trouble, we would have to wait for an ambulance to get here before she got any real help. As far as you helping to pay the bills, you never did before, even when you had a steady job and were making good money." "I'm dying out here Linda! I hate living in this tent, always picking ticks off of me. I almost died from that spider bite I got while I was out here in the woods. You have to let me come home!" "I don't have to let you do anything! You are where you are because you are finally paying the consequences for your actions. You did this to yourself. I don't have an order of protection against you for no reason." "But I'm a different person now, it's been two years. I'm not the same person that I was then." "I'm sorry Ethan, but I can no longer trust you or believe anything that you say. You'll say anything I want to hear just to get your way, then go back on everything that you've promised. You're too angry and too violent, and I just can't take that chance." "Mom said I could come back home; it's her house." "You've had two years to realize that mom isn't always going to be around to bail you out every time you screw up, and you still don't get it. Do you have any idea just how sick she is? She needs to concentrate on herself and her well-being now, she doesn't have the time or the energy to worry about you, and the thing you don't seem to get is that she shouldn't have to!" "I could have had your order of protection thrown out the last time we were in court, you heard the judge. You need to do the right thing on Monday." "I need to do the right thing? What about you doing the right thing and having some accountability for yourself for once in your life? You are 49 years old now Ethan; you should have spent the last two years trying to turn your life around and work towards being independent instead of just drifting from shelter to shelter expecting to come back home. Don't you realize that without mom's income we are going to lose this house along with almost everything that we own? There isn't going to be a house to come home to, and I'm going to be in the same boat you are! My disability check won't be near enough for me to cover the regular bills as well as the quarterly bills, and don't forget the property taxes! Even if mom's health improves enough for her to come home, her house is going to be gone, and I'm under enough stress with everything that's going on without having to live in fear because you're back in the house again! I will not go back to that life! Do you understand what I'm saying to you? You're my brother, my only brother and I love you! I wish I could believe you, but I just can't, I'm sorry! You've hurt me too much for far too long, and I just don't trust you anymore!"

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