When people have tags sticking up out of their clothes or collars that aren't laying right. You don't know how many times I've had to restrain myself from going up to complete strangers and tucking those tags back in or straightening up those collars. It's really hard when the tags are sticking up out of pants or shorts, because I could probably be arrested for tucking those back in, but it looks so…unfinished. Yesterday I was having lunch in a restaurant with my best friend, and this older gentleman walked by our window wearing a tank top with the tag sticking up, and I had to resist the impulse to toss my food in the air, leap out of the booth and sprint out the door to fix it. I probably would have scared the poor guy to death! Maybe there should be a superhero specifically for this problem…at least people would be grateful to him; I would find myself in a butterfly net so fast it would make my head spin. "Faster than a speeding seamstress, more powerful than a Singer sewing machine, able to leap tall spools of textiles in a single bound, it's a fashion designer, it's a model, no it's… Put Your Damn Tag Back Where It Belongs Man!"

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